#MemberMorale | Joe DeCrosta


Hello everyone! I hoped you like last week’s story about our member, Jonathon Herron. This week, I had the privilege to interview Joe DeCrosta. He is the owner of DeCrosta Auto Detailing, LLC. At DeCrosta Auto Detailing, they offer full exterior and interior detailing along with ceramic coating, paint corrections, headlight restoration, and window tinting. Growing up, Joe always wanted to be an entrepreneur, yet he didn’t know what type of business he wanted to get into. That was until he bought his first car. Like any typical car guy, their car is like their baby. All they want to do is to take care of it, and that’s exactly what Joe did. He loved his car so much that he would detail it every single weekend. Over a year of detailing, he had an inkling on what he wanted to do. Then about 8 month ago, his weekend hobby became into a business. Joe says that the best part about his job is being able to do, what he loves to do, every day while getting the chance to see some of his dream cars. Looking into the future, he hopes to open a second shop, create his first location into a fully operating facility, and to continue to learn more from his mentor, Grant Menard.

As our interview went on, Joe went on to tell a story about a challenge he once faced. When he started detailing, a customer came in and asked him if he could perform a scratch removal service on his car. At the time, Joe didn’t know how to do that type of service and was scared to lose a customer because of the lack of knowledge. Therefore, he contacted his mentor, and he said, “Joe, just do it and learn how to do it. Find a video, get the materials, and learn how to do it… right!” And that’s exactly what he did. Joe went on YouTube and watched hours of tutorial videos. The customer loved the results, and since then, Joe has added scratch removal and paint corrections to his services.

One of his tips he would like to share to other entrepreneurs would be to find a mentor. Joe says, “Having a mentor is a crucial to running a business. A mentor has been in your shoes, and they know what you’re going through.” Without his mentor, his business today, wouldn’t be where it’s at. When it comes to auto detailing, his number one tool would be his polisher. But not any type of polisher, the Rupes MarkII 15mm. Joe claims it’s perfect to get door panels, hoods, small scratches and oxidation off the paint. On his down time, he like to read Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule. It teaches people how to multiply their business by 10 times, so they can take it to the next level. As the final question in our interview approached, one could see the amount of passion he has for his company. When I asked Joe what his mantra was, he simply said, “Always Want More.”

A true entrepreneur never wants the bare minimum, what do you want?


Joe DeCrosta
DeCrosta Auto Detailing, LLC
(856) 470-4525