#MemberMorale | Steve Rodier


This week, I sat down with one of our members who I’ve personally known for many years. His name is Steve Rodier, and he has been a Sales Associate with Liberty Mutual for over a year. Liberty Mutual is an auto, home, and life insurance company who has been one of the more reputable insurance companies for the last 100 years. What makes Liberty Mutual special is that they payout their claims, they don’t make promises that they don’t keep. Steve says that the best part about his job is getting to talk to people and getting to know them. Also, he loves that he can essentially help save someone knowing that person has life insurance. Steve’s goals is to expand his books of business along with becoming a sales representative by age 26.

Throughout his life, Steve’s passion was always the sport of baseball. When he graduated high school, he was recruited from Stockton University to play for them. However, his freshman year had a turn of events. He went to try out for the baseball team but was unfortunately cut from the team, the team that recruited him. When that happened, he didn’t know how to comprehend it since this was his first time being cut from a team. However, this situation gave him a chip on his shoulder and used that determination to overcome. It taught him perseverance.

Some advice that he likes to give people to help them take their business to the next level to focus on their already clientele and making sure they’re being treated right, and to find word-of-mouth customer referrals. Using the word-of-mouth method will help you in long run. His favorite tool that he like to grow his business is using referral partners and attending RevCowork’s networking events. To help motivate himself during the work week, he likes to watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s motivational videos on Instagram. He says, “They just make me want to push myself and strive for the best.” At the end of the day, Steve wants to let everyone know he doesn’t make promises that he doesn’t keep.

So, What helps motivate you?


Steve Rodier
Liberty Mutual
(856) 261-6556