#MemberMorale | Jonathan Herron, Esq.


Hello, everyone! Welcome to the RevCowork blog! My name is Joe Marakowski, the community manager here at RevCowork and i’ll be giving you a little insider view into what makes our RevMembers so great! Through this blog, I hope that you feel as inspired as we do by getting to work alongside our awesome members day to day.

Last week, I had the privilege to interview Jonathan Herron, Esq., owner and attorney at law for, Herron Law Firm, LLC. He mainly  handles criminal defense cases along with assisting clients in real estate planning and municipal court for their traffic, DUI and DWI cases. At his practice, Jon takes pride in bringing clarity to his clients. He takes the confusing and often times difficult to understand legal jargon and translates them into a much simpler, and easily digestible language. In association to his job, he enjoys the fact that every day is a little bit different. No two cases are ever the same but one thing will always remain constant. Jon stated, “If it has to go to court, there will always be one person on your side… no matter what.” That one person, is Jonathan Herron. The number one aspect he loves about his job is that he gets to help people.

Looking into the future, he hopes to grow his firm to the next level but when he first started his firm he was met with challenges just as most start-up entrepreneurs are faced with. When he graduated from his undergraduate studies, it was in the beginning of the recession which brought him great despair but through hard work and relentless grit he overcome this challenge. One tip that he would like to share with other business owners or professionals looking to take their business to the next level is to, “Know what you know. know what you don’t know, and find the people that know what you don’t know.” Find your strengths, find your weaknesses, and find someone to compliment those weaknesses into strengths. One of his favorite tools he uses to build his brand is his blog. Through his blog, Jon explains law topics through simple articles to educate potential clients. One of his favorite books that changed him was, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut. As our interview came to a close, I asked him a simple question, what is your mantra? What statement, defines you. Jon’s response was simple,  “Know where the line is, and know how far the line goes.”

So professionals, what’s your mantra?


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