#MemberMorale | Scott Sileo


After last week’s Mastermind session, I asked one of our members if he would like to be featured on our blog. Scott Sileo was delighted to sit down for a quick interview. Scott is the Owner of The Sileo Agency, LLC, representing Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company. They are a full-service firm, offering life, home, and car insurance, as well as a full suite of retirement and accumulation products. Scott and his team emphasize proper coverage and the most appropriate solutions, rather than focusing on the price. The best aspects of Scott’s job are knowing he gets to help people and learning everyone’s unique story. Many of his clients over the years have become close friends. Within his agency, he strives to create an environment where his team members can reach their full potential, and maximize their professional development.

After his first 13 years in the business, he came to realize that it was time to open his own agency, representing a new company. This posed a big financial risk for himself and his young family. Having previously worked alone, he had to acquire new skills, such as hiring and managing a staff. He wants to let people know that learning how to develop relationships, being a friend, and adding value to other people’s lives are essentials to taking their business to the next level. Scott says that, “you’ll find that the more you put yourself out there, and seek to genuinely help people, opportunities will appear when you least expect them.”  Connecting with people first makes it much easier to approach them if you want to do business. One of his favorite books that changed his life is called Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. As our interview came to a close, Scott left us with his mantra, symbolizing the great Joe Montana. “I've always believed that within myself, I could find a way to win.”


Scott Sileo
The Sileo Agency, LLC
(856) 740-0670

Felicia Lamplugh