#MemberMorale | Kevin Lara

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Yesterday, I got to sit down with our member, Kevin Lara, who is young and hungry. Kevin is a real estate agent for Keller Williams Reality via the Regina Enriquez – Teter Team. The team allows 6-7 agents working at the same time while allowing them to leverage business. Together they can hold events to provide quality information, along with being in an environment where they can push each other to maximize their efforts. According to Kevin, when it comes to training, he can’t stress how well Keller Williams focuses on it. He says the best part of his job is seeing someone’s reaction when they get in a house that they really love. “They went from a point they didn’t know was possible to making it a reality.” He also loves that the team is very educational base and helps the buyers to see what they’re selling. In 5 years, he wants to help the team to become full a team, build $100 million to that volume, and become the direct of growth on that team. However, in 10 years, he sees himself actively stop selling real estate, recruiting from another region, and investing in real estate.

When Kevin first started, he didn’t want to say no to business. He was so excited and eager to start this new chapter in his life, that he would let clients run his schedule. His schedule was revolving around them instead of the other way around. Therefore, he started to create time management by using Google Calendar. With Google Calendar, he became more of a professional by managing his time and having people meet with him on his own time. Kevin believes success for business owners comes from building their personal brand and being authentic on every level. He says, “Treat the customer with the outmost respect and they will provide you with the same.” To grow his business, he uses his pipeline and refers back to his Google Calendar and spreadsheets. Him being organized is key. One of his favorite books he would recommend to people is called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Its opens up the mind to multiple financial strategies so people can pay themselves first. When Kevin meets someone, he wants to give off the impressions that he doesn’t lose, he either wins or learns.


Kevin Lara
Regina Enriquez – Teter Team
(856) 723-0971