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This week on #MemberMorale, we're having a conversation with Rob Walz Jr. of Calhoun Insurance Agency.

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Hey Rob, thanks for sitting down. Want to start us off with a 30s Commercial?

Yea sure, so like I said, my name is Rob Walz with the Calhoun Insurance Agency. What we like to do is think of insurance from a risk management point of view, and we take a look at your business from every angle to see where there may be coverage gaps or issues that your current policy doesn’t cover. So that paired with us being in business for 90 years and being service oriented, we can manage most any risk. There’s only 8 people in our office, we’re pretty tight knit. Like a little family. We’re really close.


What’s your specific for Calhoun?

My specific role is Insurance Producer. So what I do is procure, find, and produce business. Door knocking, going business to business, using referral sources, and of course networking.


How’d you get into the insurance space?

I was in sales for years. What I used to do was I used to do cold call sales to government agencies for like safety wear. Glasses, hard hats and gloves. I was working with people who really just didn’t care who they were talking to. The only thing you can sell them on is the dollar, if you had the lowest dollar, couple times in a row, you could somewhat establish a trust.


Did they care about the product, or did they just want the cheapest option available?

So we had a set of specifications. Obviously for some things, it had to meet those specifications exactly. Other times, you know if they just wanted a rubber glove, we had cheap rubber gloves. We would tell them twice as many (gloves) for the same price (that they were paying).


How big was your biggest glove order? Like six-figures or something?

So the biggest order they did was like $1.2mil. I didn’t do it but-



Gloves. One shipment. 15 Pallets. 6 Feet High, just gloves all day.



So after doing cold call sales for 2 years or so, I wanted to start talking to people, interacting with people.


People, not the government right?

Yea, yea exactly. Well yea, just not a phone.


Oh really? It was a lot of phone stuff?

I never met a single person i dealt with in business. I didn’t even have a window in my office. We sat and made like a hundred calls a day. It was tough.


Would you say that keeps you motivated now? Talking to actual people?

Yea, that’s what I like to do. I like to help people. When I was on the phone, I didn’t really have that feeling of really being there and helping them out. Now, when I’m walking through your business with you and I can point out any problems that you might not be aware of. You’re a business owner, you got a lot of things going on. I think what I do well is look at the risk, figure out how to minimize that risk, or even mitigate that risk. You know, figure out how to get rid of it. And you’re better covered, sometimes you even get a better price.


So like John Herron was saying. $2000 in maintenance could save you a $50,000 problem

Absolutely. And I don’t like to think of insurance as a maintenance thing. It's a thing that people don’t really like spending the time to talk about. But you know-


It’s necessary.
Yea, but even if you meet for an hour, say twice a year, we could have loads of the information we need to make sure you’re exactly where you should be. It’s just that people look at it and go “Shit, it’s another bill. I gotta do all this, every year.” We try to find ways to make it as easy as possible. Trust the process and make sure they understand what they’re actually getting too. A lot of people just don’t even understand insurance.


Yea, to be honest, 2 years ago, before I had to get my own place, didn’t know what it was. “Renters insurance? What’s that?“

Yea its only $12 a month. I didn’t have renters insurance when I rented, before I got into the insurance space that is.


So what drives you, everyday?

So what’s most important to me and why I want to do this kind of business, it's not the sales aspect. Hopefully the money will come but I’m not looking for fancy cars. What I like to do is help people. I did volunteer work and stuff, but you don’t make much money volunteering. So a good way to help people in insurance at least, is that people don’t know what they have, they don’t know if they’re protected. If something was to go wrong and they lose their business for whatever reason, and I put together the right kind of insurance together to cover them, for me its just being able to educate people, and to help them be protected. It’s a peace of mind that I provide for people. So they don’t have to think about “aw what if this went wrong”. When you’re creating a business, especially a new business, and they’re not sure, that’s where I come in.


I see make sure they’re on the right path.

Exactly, and in the future things can arise 10 years down the road, you can know that you were setup properly. So that’s what keeps me going. I like to meet new people, talk to them about what they do, find out what drives other people, and work on their insurance.


That way they’re focused on running a business and not whether they have the right coverage

Exactly, so that’s one thing I try to get people to understand. People who run businesses have their lawyer on speed dial, they have their accountant on speed dial, you know. People are always going to look at their lawyers and accountants, but we want to be one of your trusted advisers too. The Calhoun agency has been around for 90 years. People are calling us everyday and they’re asking about what car they should buy, you know they’re not asking us just insurance questions. When you work with so many businesses, we have to know the surface of so many industries so that when we’re talking to our customers, we don’t sound like idiots. That’s something that I like that I’m able to do.


How about personally? Hobbies? Stuff to do for fun?

So I’m a little bit of a nerd


Yea so I play Magic the Gathering, the card game. I normally play on Wednesday nights. I normally play with like 20 people. The youngest person there is probably like 16, but the oldest is like 60.


Wow so that’s a pretty good crowd then. You have a lot of mindsets.

Yea so a lot of the people that are there are the people who played Magic like when it came out. So a lot of people are like 40. I play with 3 lawyers, 2 nurses, and a multimillionaire liquor salesman. He sells liquor on like an East Coast, semi-national scale-


Like Canal’s and the like?

Basically, but he sells to the companies that sell to Canal’s. He’s the big guy.


That’s crazy

And all the way into kids who are in highschool and have no idea what they’re doing. It's interesting. I got into that a few years ago and I love it. Other than that I play a lot of frisbee golf down at Voorhees. And I just kinda got into rock climbing which I’m pretty bad at.


Oohhhh like the indoor ones?

Yea its great!


Awww I went there once thinking it would be easy, since I don’t have much to pull up. It ended up being SO hard. I went to the one in Pitman around that area.

I actually grew up in Pitman. But first I went to one of these in Brooklyn, but the one I go to now is in Philly.


It was fun! And cheap

Yea man the one I went to was $10. But you’re in there for 2 hours, you’re getting a workout, and you’re with your friends and making fun of each other. You know you just have a good time.


Yea I was busting my friends balls it was hilarious

Yea like “Ha you’re still on the Greens (easy)” Haha yeah I mean I can probably only do the Yellows (medium) but hey it’s fun. My other hobbies are you know selling insurance and networking. Networking is a good one. Just meeting new people, that’s what I like.


Next thing I wanted to ask was what your superpower is. What are you really good at?

So I like to think my superpower is being personable. I can talk to a lot of people about a lot of things. I just like being comfortable with people and being open and honest. So like I have a lot of conversations to try to find something about somebody that I guess wouldn’t be typical, find something quirky about them. To get a better understanding of who they are. And I’m open and honest myself so when people ask me things I just tell them. I don’t hold back. I mean one of the first times I walked into here, immediately I was able to talk to you guys on levels higher than business I just met you guys. I’m the guy whos talking to people in the grocery store line, and you know, some people hate it and some people love it. I’m that guy. I just like to talk to people. I like to make people smile. Look you’re smiling (I was) readers you can’t tell but Pat’s smiling.


Ha awesome man, we talked about work stuff, personal stuff. Anything else you want to add?

Go RevCo? Ha

Hey we appreciate it lol.

Yea shout out to you guys, it’s been a lot of fun. I like it here. And Joe Decrosta (DeCrosta Auto Detailing). He did a phenomenal job detailing my fiance’s car.


Awesome. Thanks man!

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